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Our leather is really soft.  We buy it from this tannery that is geeky into leather.  Kinda like we're geeky into our furry friends.

More Details

Pictured sample features Chester


  • Black leather is a sable black with rich, consistent color and natural texture.

  • Leather is luxuriously soft with a light, wax-based topcoat that ensures high durability with a supple feel.

  • Stain resistant lining (poly/cotton poplin).

Special Features

  • Solid Brass hardware. 

  • Zipper top closure. 

  • Matching key ring wristlet with slide bolt clip.

Bag Dimensions

  • Total Dimensions: 6” height, 9” width

  • Wristlet strap: wristlet accommodates up to 10” hand circumference

Embroidery Details

  • Custom embroidery features approximately 35,000 stitches of high quality lustrous rayon thread.

  • Embroidery is approximately 4” tall x 3” wide (Oval Rope)

  • Embroidery is approximately 6” x 2.75”  (Au Naturale)

  • We custom order thread colors to match your pet’s unique coloring. Please check that your pet’s coloring is accurately depicted in the photograph you upload.

Delivery Time

Please Note: Your product is custom made when you place your order. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks to ship.

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Dog Portrait Clutch

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